Coolum Boardriders Round 6

Round 6 was held on Sunday the 7th of July. Once competitors got out of their warm beds the contest got underway due to a groundswell of enthusiasm to get amongst the small but clean 1 – 2 foot conditions. The surfing was of high quality even when wind conditions deteriorated later in the morning. These onshore winds blew the aroma of the BBQ onto the land enticing the masses from all around. Well done BBQ Ladies.


Micro Groms 1) Ashton Pignat 2) Jett Delitt 3) Liliana Townsend 4) Jesse Parkinson 5) Kai Barraclough

Mini Groms 1) Ethan Trottman 2) Josh Turley 3) Jye Parkinson 4) Eli Piggit

Primary School Girls 1) Ellia Smith 2) Jade Barraclough 3) Jordin Steinbeck

Groms 1) Ethan Trottman 2) Jack Wicklund 3) Luddy Reynolds 4) Timu Raubenheimer

Cadets 1) Jack Veale 2) Chester Rees 3) Josh 4) Tom Berryman 5) Jayden Lepetit 6)Alexander Nichols

Juniors 1) Kirra Green 2) Seb Raubenheimer 3) Zane 4) Jack Veale

Under 16 Girls 1) Kelly Pocock 2) Amber Dodds 3) Tazma 4) Tajana Jenkins 5) Majella Torrisi 6) Sophie

Congratulations to Kelly on her maiden division win!

Open Womens 1) Kiarne Stephens 2) Jo Brebner 3) Amber Dodds 4) Kelly Pocock 5)Natasha 6)Lily Wojszuk

Legends 1) Patrick Lynch 2) Chris Barraclough 3) Kyle Dellit 4) Ross Nichols 5) Brad Lee 6) Jeff Prevetti

Masters 1) Grant Jenkins 2) Patrick Lynch 3) Craig Masters 4) Chris Reynolds.

Grant looking unstoppable to defend the Masters division taking home another free Dominos Pizza voucher for the win.

Seniors 1) Craig Masters 2) Grant Jenkins 3) John Green 4) Matt Martin

Opens 1) Eli Criaco 2) Seb Raubenheimer 3) Seb Wilson 4) Jimi Wallace

We gratefully appreciate the support from our sponsors like Sticky Feet Wax , the Wilson Family and Dominos of course.

Next club round is scheduled for August 18th , a week after the Gas Fins Coolum Junior Classic so get down to the beach early and get a vote on whether contest is run.


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