Round 1 2014

Coolum Boardriders ran their first round of the year last Sunday. Conditions started out pretty ordinary, but the rain let up and the sun actually came out a couple of times. With the surf well and truly contestable at 2 foot, some great surfing went down. Results.

• Open Men 1) Simon Knox 2) Eli Criaco 3) Jimi Wallace 4) Tom Ferguson 5) Kirra Green 6) Davey Wallace.

• Senior Men 1) Simon Knox 2) Matt Martin 3) Jye Gofton 4) Bart Criaco 5) Craig Masters.

• Masters 1) Craig Masters 2) John Green 3) Chris Barraclough 4) Brett Smith 5) Joel Stevens 6) Peter Powell .

• Legends 1) Chris Barraclough 2) Kyle Dellit 3) Brayden Wallace 4) Erica Reynolds 5) Ross Nichols 6) Jeff Prevetti.

• Open Women 1) Kara Peterson 2) Jaleesa Vincent 3) Julia Reynolds 4) Jo Brebner.

• Girls 1) Kara Peterson 2) Kelley Pocock 3) Sophie Gregg 4) Darcee White.

• Juniors 1) Davey Wallace 2) Kirra Green 3) Jalleesa Vincent 4) Luke Philp.

• Cadets 1) Tom M 2) Jack Veale 3) Tom Berryman 4) Jayden Lepitit 5) Jake Murphy 6) Luddy Renolds.

• Groms 1) Aex Nichols 2) Eathen Trottman 3) Joe 4) Scott Mano 5) Carter Quinlivin.

• Mini Groms 1) Josh Hides 2) Jye Parkinson 3) Jesse Parkinson 4) Eli Piggt.

• Mini Grom Rep. 1) Jett Dellit 2) Jack 3) Kai Barraclough 4) Kaiden.

• Mini Groms Girls 1) Ellia Smith 2) Lilliana Townsend 3) Jade Barraclough 4) Niah Lily Stephens 5) Kennedy Strokes 6) Hayley Powell.

• Micro Groms 1) Landen Smales 2) Tommy Rose 3) Liam Prevetti 4) Kodi Dellit.

• Micr Groms Rep 1) Elijah 2) Harry Crokem3) Kianna Effting 4) TaJ Barracough

We hope everyone had a good day Sunday, first round of the year is always a little complicated. Thanks to everyone for helping out and making it an enjoyable day for all. 2. Zane Assink and Aston Pignat ventured down to Tassie for the Wahoo Surfer Groms comp with both the boys winning their respective divisions Under 8 for Aston and Under 12 for Zane as well as getting second paces in their next divisions up, a mighty effort. Zane also picked up Best Tube and maneuver of the contest, Coolum groms ripping. 3. The club AGM ran last Sunday with office bearers being President Daryl Maudsley, Secretary Joel Stevens, Vice President Bart Ciaco, Treasurer Chris Barraclough, Contest Directors Simon Knox, Craig Masters, Chris Barraclough, John Green. Junior Club Captain Kirra Green. Our next committee meeting will be Tuesday the 19th, 7pm at the clubhouse. All members and interested parties welcome.


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