A Generous Winner

Surfing Queensland presents the winner of the Boardriders Club online survey with a custom JR Surfboard


Surfing Queensland is committed to the development of the sport of surfing. In its role as the peak state body it is entrusted with supporting the needs of the 38 affiliated clubs in Queensland. By supporting the needs of these clubs and their members Surfing Queensland can work to develop the sport of surfing in Queensland to its maximum potential.

Earlier this year Surfing Queensland implemented a survey designed to better service their affiliated clubs. To encourage members to participate in the survey Surfing Queensland offered up some great incentives. Participants were presented with an opportunity to win a custom JR Surfboard or a signed and framed Kelly Slater photo.

The winner of the competition was a family from Coolum Beach. They are members of Coolum Boardriders Club and were incredibly appreciative when their club Treasurer, Chris Barraclough contacted them to advise them of their big win. When Chris received the advice from Surfing Queensland that someone from Coolum had won, he commented, “That’s great, this couldn’t have happened to a nicer family!”

The competition winner was declared. 10-year-old Ezra Coyle was to be the lucky recipient of this amazing surfboard. Ezra however had other ideas. He decided he wanted to give the prize surfboard to a friend who had broken his board.

Jamie and Janie Coyle Ezra’s parents had a series of discussions with their son and were convinced this was what he really wanted to do.  Ezra explained to them that he already has a great board and thought he wanted to help out someone else. Jamie Coyle, Ezra’s Dad said, “ I know it sounds crazy and we have taken our time with this one as Ezra is only 10-years-old and it is crazy generous, but this is what he has decided to do, so we want to support him in this”

The whole street was out in force to see the new board arrive. The custom JR board was presented to Ezra and his mate Beven this week in Coolum. It was an auspicious occasion. Beven was extremely grateful and thanked his mate for the generous gift. Ezra was excited and on request he brought out his own board for the photo.  Just for the record Surfing Queensland’s representative took some time to check out Ezra’s surfboard and commented,   “Ezra is quiet an artist he has painted some sick tanks and bombs on his stick…It’s very cool, definitely a keeper!”

Surfing Queensland would like to congratulate the winners and thank all club members for their participation in the survey.

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