Round 9, 2013

Coolum Boardriders ran the micro and mini groms contest last weekend, October 6, but due to a minute swell the juniors and opens have been postponed. We will look at perhaps running the comp on Sunday the 27 th of October, but that has to be confirmed. Our next scheduled club round will be on the 10th of November.
The swell though small last weekend provided the perfect canvas for our mini and micro groms to absolutely go off. All the kids are progressing so quickly with some very stylish surfers emerging. A great day was held by all, thanks to everyone who made it such a success.

Results: Under 12 Mini Groms. 1st Ethan Trotman, 2nd Jye Parkinson, 3rd Josh Hides, 4th Ben, 5th Justin Reynolds.

Under 12 Girls Mini Groms. 1st Ellia Smith, 2nd Jade Barraclough

Under 10 Micro Groms. 1st Jesse Parkinson, 2nd Ashton Pignat, 3rd Kai Barraclough, 4th Jett Dellit.

Micro/Mini Grom Rep Final. 1st Harry Crokham, 2nd Aiden, 3rd Liam Previti, 4th Reill…y Smith.

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A Generous Winner

Surfing Queensland presents the winner of the Boardriders Club online survey with a custom JR Surfboard


Surfing Queensland is committed to the development of the sport of surfing. In its role as the peak state body it is entrusted with supporting the needs of the 38 affiliated clubs in Queensland. By supporting the needs of these clubs and their members Surfing Queensland can work to develop the sport of surfing in Queensland to its maximum potential.

Earlier this year Surfing Queensland implemented a survey designed to better service their affiliated clubs. To encourage members to participate in the survey Surfing Queensland offered up some great incentives. Participants were presented with an opportunity to win a custom JR Surfboard or a signed and framed Kelly Slater photo.

The winner of the competition was a family from Coolum Beach. They are members of Coolum Boardriders Club and were incredibly appreciative when their club Treasurer, Chris Barraclough contacted them to advise them of their big win. When Chris received the advice from Surfing Queensland that someone from Coolum had won, he commented, “That’s great, this couldn’t have happened to a nicer family!”

The competition winner was declared. 10-year-old Ezra Coyle was to be the lucky recipient of this amazing surfboard. Ezra however had other ideas. He decided he wanted to give the prize surfboard to a friend who had broken his board.

Jamie and Janie Coyle Ezra’s parents had a series of discussions with their son and were convinced this was what he really wanted to do.  Ezra explained to them that he already has a great board and thought he wanted to help out someone else. Jamie Coyle, Ezra’s Dad said, “ I know it sounds crazy and we have taken our time with this one as Ezra is only 10-years-old and it is crazy generous, but this is what he has decided to do, so we want to support him in this”

The whole street was out in force to see the new board arrive. The custom JR board was presented to Ezra and his mate Beven this week in Coolum. It was an auspicious occasion. Beven was extremely grateful and thanked his mate for the generous gift. Ezra was excited and on request he brought out his own board for the photo.  Just for the record Surfing Queensland’s representative took some time to check out Ezra’s surfboard and commented,   “Ezra is quiet an artist he has painted some sick tanks and bombs on his stick…It’s very cool, definitely a keeper!”

Surfing Queensland would like to congratulate the winners and thank all club members for their participation in the survey.

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Surfing Queensland is proudly supported by:

 Be the influence, Australian Skin Cancer Clinics, Chiko, World Surfaris, the Queensland Government, Coastalwatch Plus, Surfing Life Magazine

From the president

Coolum Boardriders next round was scheduled to run this Sunday but with it also being Father’s Day we will be rescheduling. Depending on conflicting dates we may run the round towards the end of the month.

Our mini and micro groms ran last weekend with the kids ripping the daylights out of the predominately left hand bank. with the swell perfect grommet size and quite good conditions all the kids had a great time, All results next week.

Congratulations to Kelly Norris with his semi-final finish in the open mens division at the Aussie titles.

All our Surf Rescue Certificate participants’ finished their qualifications last Sunday, well done guys. I am sure everyone on the beach will feel much safer at least until Kirra starts wearing his budgy smugglers around. Also thanks to everyone who got their first aid updates as well.
Good luck to our participants in the Windansea Father/ son comp this weekend, the Greens must be on short odds.

Gas Fins Coolum Jr Classic

945790_523066427765353_1276094855_n 1098231_523067361098593_786943284_n

Gas Fins Coolum Jr Classic

The event was hosted by Coolum Boardriders Club and is in its third year.

Event started with a mins silence for AB  as the comp paused to reflect on his influence on world surfing.

Sponsors Gas Fins Australia, CTRL V, Beck Surfboards, Hurricane Surf, Fox, House of Marley, Maxum Watches, Banana Wax and Smorgasboarder Magazine.

Event drew 90 competitors from boardrider clubs in QLD, NSW  and also from even as far afield  as VIC

Event organisers were particularly happy to see a large crown on the beach for the finals. It was also pleasing to see the great competitive spirit of all entrants there to acknowledge the division champions at the presentations. ( and the sponsors acknowledged this with a truck load of giveaways at presos)

Kelly Norris, Last year’s defending title winner took out the event in his final year of the competition.  2nd Place Jake Vincent , 3rd Jack Reginato, 4th Kirra Green. ( 18 and under Boys)

The Gas fins Coolum Jr Classic has to open extra places in the under 16 girls division this year with huge demand for a start in the comp. Event organisers are prompted to seriously consider an 18 and under Women’s Division in 2014.

Ren Hashimoto, from Tugan was an outstanding performer in the 16 and Under Girls division. Ren was victorious in the final defeating a field of solid competition 2nd Jaleesa Vincent 3rd Sophie McCulloch and 4th Isabella Nichols.

Zac Wightman proudly held a CTRV V decal trophy board above his head as the winner of the  Cadets Division 2nd Stirling Mitchell, 3rd Sheldon Simkus,  4th Regan Martinovich

GROMS 14 and Under 1st Luke Glover Caloundra,2nd Jack Murray Lennox, 3rd Luke Condon Lennox, 4th Maddy Job   Burleigh Heads.

Encouragement Award: Hollie Williams

Contest Spirit: Amber Dodd

Most Promicing Zane Assink

Highest Wave score: Jack Reginato

Club President Daryl  Maudsley would like to thank all involved with the competition sponsors, competitors and their support teams, volunteers and our club sponsor Dominoes for keeping us all well fed over  the weekend.  Most particularly he would like to thank and acknowledge the experienced Surfing Qld accredited judging panel  led by Gabe Mcghee.


World Surfaris ‘Coast of Origin’ Series 2013

Hi all

Coming off the back of a fantastic weekend of Club surfing at the World Surfaris ‘Coast of Origin’ Series 2013, I can honestly say that I witnessed some of the best surfing I have seen in a long time across all age divisions, gender and boardriding disciplines.  Moreover, I was so stoked to see such a high level of commitment from our Sunshine Coast surfers, not only to travel to the Gold Coast to attend the event, but to put in their absolute best efforts in the water when it really counted.

Despite losing to the Gold Coast this year, everyone who had some form of input into this event whether it be the Club Committee member getting team’s organised, Club competitor surfing for their Club and their coast, the mums and/or dads who supported their sons or daughters, you should all be extremely proud of your efforts and the overall  result.  As far as I’m concerned, it was also a win for the Sunny Coast!

On behalf of the whole team at Surfing Queensland, I would like to take this opportunity to particularly thank those committee members who worked so tirelessly behind the scenes, often without acknowledgement, for managing to rally their teams again this year.  You guys deserve a medal!

If you have any feedback regarding this year’s series, please feel free to forward.  This information is really important to Surfing Queensland and helps us to make on-going improvements to the event each year.

For those Clubs who managed to take home some prize money, I will be forwarding an email shortly outlining your winnings and steps required to collect this cash.

Once again, thank you for embracing the World Surfaris ‘Coast of Origin’ Interclub Series.  We look forward to doing it all again in 2014!


Dave Lammin

Club Development Officer – Sunshine Coast

GrantDavey 2Davey1


Some of our talent…

Parko Gromfest

Heaps of our young members competed last week in the Parko Gromfest with some good results for everyone particularly Zane Assink and Kara Peterson for taking out the u/11 boys and u/12 girls divisions respectively.

Eathen Trottman finshed fifth in the u/11`s, Ellia Smith 3rd in the u/10 girls, JyeParkinson 2nd in the u/10`s.

In the plate finals Jade Barraclough won the u/10 girls, Jesse Parkinson 2nd in the u/10`s, Alex Nicols 2nd in the under 12`s and Josh Hides 4th in the u/11 boys.

942378_297030293774463_593620720_n 968820_297029980441161_1646341401_n 971836_297030363774456_1903128270_n 1005742_297029850441174_1137369711_n 1006244_297030270441132_579292791_n 1016209_297029737107852_932745085_n

Coolum Boardriders Round 6

Round 6 was held on Sunday the 7th of July. Once competitors got out of their warm beds the contest got underway due to a groundswell of enthusiasm to get amongst the small but clean 1 – 2 foot conditions. The surfing was of high quality even when wind conditions deteriorated later in the morning. These onshore winds blew the aroma of the BBQ onto the land enticing the masses from all around. Well done BBQ Ladies.


Micro Groms 1) Ashton Pignat 2) Jett Delitt 3) Liliana Townsend 4) Jesse Parkinson 5) Kai Barraclough

Mini Groms 1) Ethan Trottman 2) Josh Turley 3) Jye Parkinson 4) Eli Piggit

Primary School Girls 1) Ellia Smith 2) Jade Barraclough 3) Jordin Steinbeck

Groms 1) Ethan Trottman 2) Jack Wicklund 3) Luddy Reynolds 4) Timu Raubenheimer

Cadets 1) Jack Veale 2) Chester Rees 3) Josh 4) Tom Berryman 5) Jayden Lepetit 6)Alexander Nichols

Juniors 1) Kirra Green 2) Seb Raubenheimer 3) Zane 4) Jack Veale

Under 16 Girls 1) Kelly Pocock 2) Amber Dodds 3) Tazma 4) Tajana Jenkins 5) Majella Torrisi 6) Sophie

Congratulations to Kelly on her maiden division win!

Open Womens 1) Kiarne Stephens 2) Jo Brebner 3) Amber Dodds 4) Kelly Pocock 5)Natasha 6)Lily Wojszuk

Legends 1) Patrick Lynch 2) Chris Barraclough 3) Kyle Dellit 4) Ross Nichols 5) Brad Lee 6) Jeff Prevetti

Masters 1) Grant Jenkins 2) Patrick Lynch 3) Craig Masters 4) Chris Reynolds.

Grant looking unstoppable to defend the Masters division taking home another free Dominos Pizza voucher for the win.

Seniors 1) Craig Masters 2) Grant Jenkins 3) John Green 4) Matt Martin

Opens 1) Eli Criaco 2) Seb Raubenheimer 3) Seb Wilson 4) Jimi Wallace

We gratefully appreciate the support from our sponsors like Sticky Feet Wax , the Wilson Family and Dominos of course.

Next club round is scheduled for August 18th , a week after the Gas Fins Coolum Junior Classic so get down to the beach early and get a vote on whether contest is run.


Coolum Boardriders Round 5

Coolum Boardriders held their fifth round last Sunday in clean four foot plus surf.

With great conditions and a glorious day it was a spectator’s delight, as some fantastic surfing went down.

Results Round 5
Open Men 1) Kirra Green 2) Sunny Linden 3) Jimmy Wallace 4) Scott Mitchell.
Juniors 1) Sunny Linden 2) Seb Raubenheimer 3) Kirra Green 4) Davey Wallace
Girls 1) Jaleesa Vincent 2) Amber Dodds 3) Kara Peterson 4) Sophie
Womens 1) Amber Dodds 2) Jo Brebner 3) Kiarne Stephens 4) Kara Peterson 5) Natasha Useldinger
Cadets 1) Jaleesa Vincent 2) Luke Philp 3) Zane Assink 4) Davey Wallace.
Senior Men 1) Scott Mitchell 2) John Green 3) Grant Jenkins 4) Craig Masters.
Legends 1) Kyle Dellit 2) Brad Lee 3) Brayden Wallace 4) Ross Nicols 5) Jeff Prevetti.
Masters 1) Chris Reynolds 2) Grant Jenkins 3) Brett Smith 4) Craig Masters.5) John Green 6) Brad Lee
Groms 1) Zane Assink 2) Alex Nicols 3) Caleb Hardy 4) Damon Newing
Under 12 Girls 1) Ellia Smith 2) Jade Barraclough 3) Jordin Steinbeck
Mini Groms 1) Josh 2) Jye Parkinson 3) Kurt Hain 4) Eli Piggot
Micro Groms 1) Jesse Parkinson 2) Jai Barraclough 3) Tom Rose 4) Jake

Thanks to Critta who got some great footage and will be putting it up on utube, we will put the link up on the facebook page.
Our next contest is scheduled for Sunday the 7th of July. Meet at the Clubhouse at 6.30.