Chris Boyd

It was news that shook the surfing community across Australia quiet literally from  coast to coast.


Chris Boyd, better known to his friends as “Boydy”, was tragically killed by a shark while surfing the popular surf break Umbies, off Gracetown, about 270km south of Perth, on Saturday, 23rd of  November.


The 35-year-old, who grew up in Yaroomba, had only moved to Western Australia with his partner Krystle Westwood a year ago, having been a well-loved and respected member of the Coolum Boardriders Club and wider surfing community.


Members of the tight-knit local surfing fraternity have been rocked by the tragic news, but were quick to pay tribute to the plumber and father-of -two.


Coolum Boardriders Club President Daryl Maudsley said the “loveable rogue” had made a significant, positive impact on the Coolum community, helping innumerable young surfers by mentoring them both in the surf and life.


Tom Innes past President of Margret River Boardriders was clearly shaken when he spoke of the loss, “It was a perfect morning he (Chris Boyd) had a fair walk from the car park to that spot. The water was crystal clear, there was 3 – 4 ft hitting and perfect   A frame peak.”  Tom was confident that   Boydy would have been enjoying some fine waves in idyllic conditions.


11046890986_caa1f9dba5Coolum Boardriders and Margaret River Boardriders have joined together to pay respect to their mate.  Brett Hardy the current President of Margret River Boardriders Club accepted a wreath   from the Coolum Boardriders Club along with some sand and water from Yaroomba and it was used in the tribute ceremony, a paddle out for Boydy  in Western Australia .

On Sunday morning the Sunshine Coast surfing community held its farewell for the man they lost so tragically in Gracetown,  and   the sand and water from the waters Chris Boyd died in  were released at his favourite place, his home Beach Yaroomba in the paddle out last Sunday morning.


The 35 year old Member of Coolum Boardriders was a great club man and a talented surfer.  He was past Club Champion and Club Captain and will be well remembered as mentor to many young surfers.


Boydy … Lived by the sea, died by the sea.

Rest in Peace




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